Ashley Krajewski

Additional Info

  • Country: London, UK
  • Unique Notes: 44.1/48k 24bit consolidated (dry unaffected unless for specific sound) audio files, Pro Tools, Logic or Ableton session files.
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Dance, Indie, Alternative, Pop, Jazz, Folk
  • Favorite Equipment : Kush Audio UBK-1 Plugin. Its a very creative compressor/saturation plugin with great control. Amazing the different ways you can make things sound with the different compressors. Especially liking it as various Drum parallels.
  • Services: Mixing, Production, Recording, Editing
  • Audio Mixing Price: Price starting at £180


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Ashley Krajewski is a freelance Recording & Mix Engineer based in London.

After spending 10 years as the engineer at Apollo 440's studio Apollo Control, he has experience working on a wide range of projects including band/artist recording, production and mixing, programming, music for adverts, tv, computer games and film scores, remixing, library music, audiobooks, mastering, as well as live band production and performance with Apollo 440. At the start of 2013 Ashley began working freelance and has worked on projects with alternative band The Blackwhite and the young upcoming Matt Wills.

Notable achievements:

  • Engineering & Programming credits on Ellie Goulding’s hit singles “Explosions” (UK#13) and “How Long Will I Love You” (UK#3) 
  • Engineering & Mix credits on albums for Apollo 440, Magazine, Art Brut & Jeff Beck. 
  • Engineering & Mixing two full feature film soundtracks in stereo and 5.1.

Ashley enjoys many musical influences and his passion for mixing is influenced by Alan Moulder, Michael Brauer, Tom Elmhirst and Dave Pensado.

Partial Equipment List

  • Pro Tools 10, Logic 9/X or Ableton and loads of plugins with great converters, Genelec and Yamaha monitoring with a well trained and reliable set of ears. I’m often called “Bat Ears” for my attention to detail.

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • Apollo 440
  • Ellie Goulding
  • Jeff Beck
  • Sway
  • Magazine
  • Art Brut
  • The Blackwhite
  • Josh Bray