Evren Göknar

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  • Country: Hollywood, CA, USA
  • Unique Notes: Preferably 24 bit (or 32 bit) and a samling frequency of 48kHz or above. Analog tape, DAT and other less common source formats acceptable also.
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Dance, Indie, Classical, Pop, HipHop, World, Jazz, EDM, Metal, Pop (band orientated), Rock (Pop and Progressive), Orchestral, Rap
  • Favorite Equipment : Manley (Vacuum Tube Logic Era) Mastering Pultec Equalisers. They are hand made, utilising .5 dB stepped attenuators and transformerless signal path. They sound rich and deep in the low frequencies, and forward in the upper mid / high frequencies.
  • Services: Mixing, Mastering, Mix Consultation
  • Audio Mastering Price: USD 240 per song and $240 per CD Master. Stem mastering is $300/song.


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Evren Göknar was drawn to music early in his life, first studying the piano, and later developing his skills as a singer / songwriter and guitarist. He began his professional audio career as a recording and mixing engineer. As a staff engineer at Paramount Studios (Hollywood) and Guess Recording (North Hollywood), he recorded and engineered sessions for Tupac Shakur, Tone-Loc, Mavis Staples, The Cult, Steve Vai, General Public, Carole King, and Montell Jordan (RIAA Platinum “This Is How We Do It” album). Building on the skills he honed as a recording engineer, Evren shifted his focus to mastering and in 1995 he joined Capitol Records Mastering.

Over the last nineteen years, Evren has established himself as a top-tier mastering engineer, and was awarded a Grammy in 2011 for mixing and mastering the “Gathering Of Nations” album (Best Native American Music Album). He has mastered such notable EMI acts as 30 Seconds to Mars, Good Charlotte, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Eat World, Iggy Pop, Heart, Megadeth, George Clinton, Eazy E, N.W.A and George Thorogood. His remastering credits include the entire Grand Funk Railroad and Queensrÿche catalogs, as well as new collections by Poison (RIAA Platinum) and Pat Benatar (RIAA Gold).

Outside of the EMI family, Evren has mastered thousands of records by a wide range of artists including the new KISS album “Monster”, and releases by Smashing Pumpkins, Mariah Carey (“Loverboy” RIAA Gold, Billboard #1 Single), Keri Hilson, Greg Laswell, Carey Brothers, The Weepies, Airborne Toxic Event, Reel Big Fish, Five Finger Death Punch and underground hip hop group Living Legends.

Internationally, Evren has established himself as the preeminent mastering engineer for recording artists in Turkey (Duman, Sebnem Ferah, Sezen Aksu, Tarkan, Mor ve Ötesi and Teoman); Cuban artist Luis Conte, and songwriter Laura Jansen (platinum in the Netherlands).

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The Magic of Mastering: An Interview with Grammy-Winning Engineer Evren Göknar

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Partial Equipment List

  • Equalizers
    • (2) Sontec MES-432C Parametric Equalizers
    • Manley Mastering (EQP-1A Enhanced) Pultec Equalizers
    • Manley Mastering (Mid-Frequency) Pultec Equalizers
  • Compressors
    • Capitol CM5511Custom Tube Compressor 
    • Manley Mastering SLAM! Compressor / Limiter w/Anagram AD/DA 
    • Manley Mastering Vari-Mu Compressor / Limiter
    • Requisite L2M Mastering Compressor / Expander
    • Alan Smart C2
  • Digital Equalizing / Compression / Limiting / Processing
    • TC M6000 (Mastering) w/Massenburg D.W. Equalizer
    • TC Finalizer 
    • Waves L2 Limiter
    • UAD Plug - in Suite
  • Analog to Digital / Digital to Analog Converters
    • Prism ADA 8-XR
    • Lavry AD122-96 Mk III
    • Anagram AD/DA Converters
    • Apogee Big Ben Master Clock
  • Monitors and Power Amplifiers
    • Tannoy System 15 DMT II Monitors
    • Tannoy PS350B Active Subwoofer
    • Yamaha NS-10M Monitors
    • Hafler TRM-8 Active Monitors
    • Manley Monoblock 350 Tube Power Amplifiers (Pair)
    • Classe CT-M600 Monoblock Power Amplifiers (Pair)
  • Specialty / Custom Made Items
    • Capitol Custom Mastering Console
    • Capitol Custom M/S Encoder/Decoder 
    • Access to The Capitol Records Echo Chambers
    • Capitol CM5511Custom Tube Compressor



We were amazed and awed (after turning over an incredible mix of my new single "28IF" by Geoff Pearlman and Luis Maldonado)-- with Evren's exquisite mastering work. With 3 more songs that will need mastering in the next month, there is no question we will be heading back to Capitol Records if we able to schedule Evren for all the work. There is a reason why music's highest honor (The Grammy) was bestowed upon him and it's just a matter of time before another rests upon his right side studio monitor. Thank you Evren.
- Lora G Espinoza, Composer & Guitarist for LUNDEN REIGN. Award-Winning Video Producer and Writer.

Evren did fantastic work mastering my last record and my last single. I've also heard his work on many other records and was quite impressed. I have recommended him to numerous musicians, and they have all been very happy with the results. Great guy, too.
- Cary Brothers, Musician, President of Procrastination Music

Evren has done a great job on several albums I produced including ones for Jason Quicksall and Mark Rudd. I have also worked with him on the Smashing Pumpkins reissues of Gish and Siamese Dream (B Side Disks).
- Kevin Dippold, Music Mixer / Producer / Songwriter at Kevin Dippold Music

Audio Mastering is a dark art and it is difficult to find an engineer who you can trust with your music. For the project we worked on, Evren was professional, easily contactable (even from the other side of the world) and approachable when it came to making changes to the masters to achieve the results I was after with my album.
- Brendan Zacharias, Freelance Audio Engineer at Shooting Star Picture Company

I first worked with Evren in 2006. He was recommended to me and I'm glad I listened! He is a pleasure to work with and an expert in his field. The whole mastering process with Evren is straight forward and simple... I give him mixes, they come back sounding better!
- Chris Sheldon, Producer and Mixer

Evren has delivered consistent quality results in a timely fashion and is a pleasure to work with.
- Frank Collura, Senior Producer, A&R at Universal Music Enterprises, Catalog

Evren was very professional from start to finish of the mastering process. He was very personable, and overall he did an amazing job with mastering my bands record. I would defintely recommend him to averyone. His price was also very fair and reasonable. Keep up the great work mate.
- Leigh Walker, Business Development Infusion Events at Creative Artists Agency

You can't do better than Evren, he is very skilled and wise in his profession while being able to relate to his clients on a very involved process. I will continue to use Evren, and Capitol Mastering, as they simply offer the best quality service while being conscious of your budget and time limitations.
- Keith Orfanides, Engineer/Producer/Composer at Light of Day Studios

Evren is a complete Mastering Engineer, he cares for the projects he works on as his own, giving you beyond your expectations.
- Erich Bulling, Owner, Wildtracks recording studio

Evren is the consummate professional. He's a very skilled engineer, with an ear for bringing out the potential in his recordings; all with a positive attitude and a sensitivity to working with artists.
- Dax Kimbrough, Marketing Executive

When you send a mix to Evren, he has the know how and touch to make your mix jump out at you through the speakers with clarity, a rich image, and a feeling of completion for the song.
- Kosta Lois, Music Producer/Composer/Publisher

I had the pleasure of working with Evren on several records while I was working for Frontiers Records. Evren is an incredibly gifted engineer, and his mastering of several highly important records was done perfectly, on budget, and on time. Evren is extremely personable and great to work with. I would not hesitate to hire him again to master any future recording I might work on down the line.
- Michael Robinson, Vice President, Marketing at GreenBytes, Inc.

Evren is a class act - standout individual, very good at his job as a Mastering Engineer for Capitol Studios, a diplomatic businessman (in a job that demanded diplomacy for temperamental executives & artists alike), and an all-around good soul. I give him my endorsement and my well wishes.
- Kevin Flaherty, iTunes TV Mktg, Apple Inc.

Evren is a great mastering engineer and plays well with others! Lots of fun to work with and great results in the final recording!
- Cheryl Pawelski, Owner/Partner at Omnivore Recordings

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Evren to others looking for a professional mastering job. I've been happy with his results each time I've sent a project to him.
- Darian Rundall, Owner/Producer/Engineer/tech- Mo'Punch Recording Studio

Evren gives every client and project his full attention and consistently goes above and beyond what is expected. He is a team player with experience that will benefit any situation.
- Michael Murphy, A&R Director at Universal Music Enterprises

Evren is a world class mastering engineer, and I've had the pleasure of working with him on many album projects. His expert ears, skills, and experience can take recordings to that final professional & competitive level.
- Jon Mattox, Composer & Music Producer

I can't recommend Evren and his skills enough. His personality and expert knowledge combine for an incredible mastering experience. Your mixes, no matter how well they sound prior to Evren's touch will sound even smoother, punchier and polished. HIRE Evren and your ears will thank you!
- Cody Westheimer, Composer at NBCUniversal, Inc.