Jake R Tanner

Additional Info

  • Country: Old Bridge, NJ, USA
  • Unique Notes: Most all file formats. Prefer: 24bit/44.1 files, but best to keep the files as they were recorded for mixing. PT sessions in all versions, and Logic 9. All files for straight mixing MUST be consolidated and clearly labeled.
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Pop, HipHop, World, Latin
  • Favorite Equipment : my Equator monitors for letting me hear the sonic truth about the music I work on.
  • Services: Mixing, Mastering, Production, Editing, Female Demo Singer, VO plus copy writing
  • Audio Mixing Price: $90 (simple straight forward acoustic songs). Full


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Jake has emerged as one of the hottest engineer/mixers for the Latin music industry, as well as Jazz, Rock, Pop & R&B. To date Jake has had 5 #1 Tropical Billboard hits as well as recording and mixing gold and platinum records for some of the industry's top artists such as Celia Cruz, Grady Tate, Ricky Martin, Paulina Rubio, & Tito Nieves, to name a few, have contributed to his rapid rise to prominence. This two-time Grammy® award winning engineer and voting member of the National and Latin Recording Academy has quickly climbed to the top of many producers' lists. If you're in the market for that special sound, something professional, yet fresh and musical, look no further than Jake R. Tanner.

Jake comes from a long line of musically talented ancestry, paving the way to his love for music, and talent as an engineer, composer, and pianist. Both grandparents were internationally established artists. His grandfather, Umberto Vedovelli, excelled as a conductor & opera coach for La Scala Opera House in Milan and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. Grandmother Flora, performed for years as a concert pianist with his mother Fulvia singing, and playing the castanets. Jake ultimately chose a more behind-the-scenes approach, giving him greater opportunity to work with many different and multitalented artists.

Jake currently lives in NJ with his talented singer/songwriter wife Morgen La Civita and their equally talented children.

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Detailed Pricing

  • Mastering: $90 per track
  • Editiing: $30/hr
  • VO: $180 with copy
  • Demo Singer: $360, starting at $180, discussing the details with the client. 

Partial Equipment List

  • DAW:  Pro Tools 10 & 11 and Logic Pro;  
  • MONITORING:  Equator monitors;  Ultrasone headphones;  
  • PLUGINS:  McDSP, Slate, Kush, Waves, SoundToys, Nomad Factory, Lexicon PCM, Massey and many more. I am a big fan of analog emulations of all types.   
  • MICS:  AKG

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • Marc Anthony,
  • Tito Nieves,
  • Celia Cruz,
  • Paulina Rubio,
  • Grady Tate,
  • Chembo Corniel,
  • Frankie Biggz,
  • Efrain "Junito" Davila,
  • Kaleidoscope Sound Studios
  • Sergio George


Jake co-produced, mixed and mastered my EP "Fall Away". Because there were many world elements to the songs, it was imperative to have a solid mix to give the tracks depth and dimension without crushing the dynamics. The final product came out better than I could have envisioned. Jake not only understood that I was looking to achieve a fusion of genres, but he actually made it current and marketable. He will be my "go-to" engineer for all my future projects. I highly recommend him!
- Morgen La Civita Singer/Songwriter

Brenda K. Starr is a salsa star, and I'm proud to have mastered her single ʻEl Pez Muere Por La Bocaʼ that my buddy Jake Tanner mixed. The song's got perfect balance. I sprinkled some pixie dust on it and sent it out. Jake captured her charisma and put in punch, drive, clarity, warmth, impact, spatiality and dynamics — all of which I either kept or enhanced. What's not to like!!!! I'm really looking forward to our next collaboration
- Bob Katz, Mastering Engineer, Digital Domain, Orlando, FL

Jake and I have worked on many Projects, and the number one reason why? He's the best man!! Always on time, and never afraid of working, and reworking until it sounds PERFECT!
- Frankie Biggz Lucio, Producer and owner of Rama Music, LLC