Giandre Diaz

Additional Info

  • Country: Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies
  • Unique Notes: 24bit/48KHz 0r Higher!
  • Musical Genres: Pop, HipHop, Caribbean
  • Favorite Equipment : Thermionic Culture the Phoenix HG15 - this box brings forward Vocals in a nice way, adding warmth to tracks that are sometimes not the best recorded, it’s also an amazing sounding pre-amp.
  • Services: Mixing
  • Audio Mixing Price: US$120 to US$420


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I literally walked off the street and was afforded the opportunity to live my dream career. That was 15 years ago at a facility once rated fifth in the world. I’ve been gaining knowledge and audio know how on the job since then that spans various genres and engineering roles. At present, I’m working out of my hybrid mixing suite, which because of technological advancements, is a small footprint with a huge sound. These days focus is totally on mixing, where i’m still able to apply years of knowledge recording and producing, in turn adding to the finished sound of the project, whilst maintaining the integrity of the source material.

Growing up on an island I was very fortunate to be exposed to every genre of music, from country to rock to everything in between, this has influenced me greatly, it allows me to let the music tell me what to do. I never force myself on the music.

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Partial Equipment List

  • Monitoring
    • Barefoot MicroMain 35
    • Yamaha NS10m!
  • Computing
    • Mac OSX Maverick
  • Control Surface
    • SSL Nucleus
  • Software
    • Pro Tools 11HD
  • Plug Ins
    • UAD
    • Sonnox
    • Slate Digital
    • Fabfilter
    • ...and almost every other industry standard plug in.
  • Interface/Conversion
    • 2 UAD Apollo 16's
    • Black Lion Audio Sparrow MkII
  • Summing
    • SSL X-Desk
    • Neve 5059 Satellite
  • Outboard
    • Thermionic Culture HG15
    • SSL Buss Compressor
    • Dangerous Music Bax EQ
    • API 560
    • Neve 1073ALb

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • Alison Hinds, 
  • Swappi 4D, 
  • Shurwayne Winchester, 
  • K-Rich, 
  • Destra Garcia, 
  • Ravi B, 
  • Bunji
  • Garlin!


Giandre is a highly creative individual who engineers and produces highly competitive product on time. He listens to your needs and is able to embody them into the production with shine and in the format you request. You would also enjoy working with Giandre because of his wonderful human spirit and easy going attitude that makes things flow.
- Van Gibbs CEO/Producer/Manager Black Coral Inc

He spends time paying attention to detail, Is not happy with less than perfection and has a strong spirit and attitude towards a good finished product, is also very humble and willing to learn and try new stuff.
- Samuel Jack Producer

Other Information:

Rough Mixes are very important to me, they signify the culmination of vibe and technical in the moment when everything felt right!!!