Roger Montejano

Additional Info

  • Country: Madrid, Spain
  • Unique Notes: 24bit @44.1/48kHz Wav/Aiff. PT Sessions with consolidated files, no plugins. Please consult other formats.
  • Musical Genres: All styles considered
  • Favorite Equipment : My ears, because they always lead me to unexpected places. Plus, they don´t need to be recapped.
  • Services: Mixing, Production, Recording, Editing, Vocal Correction, Programming
  • Audio Mixing Price: 100€ - 1800€


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Roger Montejano is a Producer/Mixer/Engineer from Madrid. He has worked with bands and artists from several countries (Spain, USA, Mexico, Sweden, Venezuela, France, Colombia, and many more), in a variety of genres from Pop, Rock and Alternative, to Flamenco, BossaNova and Reggae, but also Metal, Ska or Fusion.

A highly proficient PT operator, Roger is known both for his technical knowledge/skills and his fresh vision about sound. In this regard, he likes to combine the power and flexibility of 'modern' audio tools with the sound and character of more 'vintage' gear.

Roger has also worked in several OST and Documentaries, and is a prolific and active contributor to the most important Spanish pro audio magazines.

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Detailed Pricing

  • Editing services at 36€ / hour.

Partial Equipment List

"It is also possible to hire time at studios in Madrid with SSL and/or Neve consoles, and all the outboard you could ever need."

  • Monitoring, Recording & Mixing
    • Pro Tools HD|2 Accel with Pro Tools HD 9
    • MacPro Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz with 6GB RAM
    • Digidesign 96IO
    • DAT Sony Professional
    • Monitors Adam Audio P22
    • Monitors Fostex NF01A
    • Presonus Central Station Passive Monitor Controller
  • Outboard
    • TL Audio VP1 Valve classics Mono Class A & Valve Processor (EQ, compresor, de-esser, limiter)
    • Universal Audio 4-710d with 1176-style compression
    • TL Audio 5001 Quad Valve Preamp Ivory Series
    • Motu 8Pre
    • Focusrite Liquid Mix
    • TL Audio Fatman compresor stereo
    • Vox tone lab
    • Thunder Tomate Overdrive+
    • Electroharmonix Big Muff 
  • Microphones
    • AKG Solid Tube
    • AKG D112
    • AKG C411
    • AKG C418
    • Pearl TL44
    • Pearl TL 6C
    • Pearl TL 66
    • Pearl TLC90
    • Pearl MS8C M-S Stereo
    • Beyerdynamic M160
    • Rode NT5 (Matched Pair)
    • Shure SM57
    • Shure SM58
    • Shure PG52
    • Shure PG56
    • Shure PG81

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • InVitro
  • Marina & The Monsters
  • Pequeño Salvaje
  • Circulo Polar
  • Sexmas
  • VossaNau
  • El Alpinista
  • Miguel Tena
  • Inlogic
  • Peligro
  • Aeroplano
  • Juanma Roldán
  • Basilio Montes
  • Ocean Core
  • Impulso
  • Cachomostro
  • Madame Club
  • Flores Raras...
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