Igor Moreno

Additional Info

  • Country: Paris, France
  • Unique Notes: 24bit 44.1/48kHz stems. Up to 24bit 96kHz for Mastering.
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Indie, Electronica, Pop, HipHop, Metal, Pop (band orientated), Rock (Pop and Progressive), Folk
  • Favorite Equipment : Right now, I think this is the Mäag EQ4 plug-in. The air-band is just stunning ! It work wonders on the mix bus, where it helps revealing little details in the high-end, without any harshness. It just opens up the mix. It's also really good at adding clarity to a lead vocal, or a drum overhead track.
  • Services: Mixing, Mastering, Drum Editing
  • Audio Mixing Price: 180€ - 540€ / song
  • Audio Mastering Price: 36€ / track


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Igor lives for music and audio. After graduating from ISTS (Audio Engineering Superior Institute), Igor was a trainee and recording/mixing assistant in several prestigious French studios such as Davout and La Grande Armée. There, he continued to develop his production and mixing skills by being in contact with some of the greatest producers.

Recently, Igor has been working on several project EP's and albums as a freelance producer, mixing and/or mastering engineer. One such example is 'Odds & Ends' Blurry Print EP, which has been critically acclaimed by the blogosphere, and provides a good example of one of the latest projects that Igor has produced and mixed. The band will be featured in the soon to be released thesirenssound.com compilation (UK), as one of 2013's best bands.

Igor has constantly proven himself with a variety of genres. From Folk and Electronic Music to Metal, we can say that Igor's taste in music is very broad and as a mixer, he is at home with many genres. He also spent some time working in a TV Station and was charged with voice-overs and mixed hundreds of documentaries and animated series.

Not content on working just in the studio, Igor has also worked as a FOH engineer for several bands and tries to deliver the studio sound and richness directly to the audience - helping the artists give their best performances. Something that Igor knows well as a skilled electric guitar player, as he too has released a couple of remixes under the name of SonicScrewdriver.

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Detailed Pricing

  • Mixing : 180€ < 540€ / song
  • Mastering : 36€ / track
  • Stem Mastering : 60€ / track
  • Drum Editing : 84€ / song

Partial Equipment List

@ Chez Josephine Studio : Sony/MCI MXP-3000 Console, Protools HD2 with SSL XLogic Alpha-Link MADI-AX, Apogee Rosetta 200, 1176, Focusrite ISA430, Lexicon PCM80, Dynaudio Bm5A...

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • William Serfass (We were Evergreen, Roscius, Hyperfan) : Engineering / Mixing / Mastering
  • Odds & Ends : Blurry Print EP : Engineering / Mixing / Mastering 
  • Lord Wilmore : Engineering / Mixing / Mastering
  • Sweyd : No Rest For The Wicked EP : Mixing / Mastering 
  • Barbary Coast : Mute Musician & Vintage K7 Players EP : Engineering / Mixing / Mastering
  • Three Ocho Label : Engineering / Mixing / Mastering 
  • Black Box Mountain : Mixing / Mastering
  • MaidrOOm : Engineering / Mixing / Mastering
  • Snorri Helgason : Live show Recording / Mixing
  • Vendège : Igor and Guangzhou EPs : Mastering 
  • Ell : EP : Mastering
  • We Were Evergreen (Remixes) : Mastering
  • Live Sound Reinforcement : Vendège, Backt Mariah, Odds & Ends.
  • Maud Octallinn : Fête Ratée EP : Engineering / Mixing / Mastering
  • So&So What : Mixing / Mastering
  • Kora Jazz Band (feat. Manu Dibango) : Additional Engineering


Igor is an incredibly efficient sound engineer. He works well and fast, either for recording or mixing. He also loves to propose his producing touch in the projects which seems unfinished, which is great to get a fresh ear on things, an objective and ambitious point of view. Mastering have also always been excellent during our collaborations.
- William Serfass (We Were Evergreen, Roscius, Hyperfan)

Lord Wilmore has been working with Igor for several months now. Lord would say this: Igor is very easy to work with. Igor is very polite and deferential but is quite able to make his own ideas come through when he strongly believes in them. Igor's professionalism is out of doubt. So are his technical skills. Lord particularly liked Igor's work on drums sound production. Lord thanks Igor for his patience... which might be needed when you work for Him.
- Lord Wilmore. (Lord Wilmore has, in His past lives and under another name, directed more than 150 commercials worldwide. He is currently preparing a feature film to be released in theaters in autumn 2014. He has recorded a 6 tracks EP produced by Igor Moreno. This EP will also be released in autumn 2014.)

Igor will throw himself into his work (your work) to offer you the best possible result. He is very listening to the artist needs and he will often come up with new recording or mix ideas to satisfy the band. Igor is also competent regarding arrangement issues and he will gladly give his opinion if you ask for it, which is a very good point for anxious musicians like me ! Soundwise, I would say that Igor's work is clean, airy, and that the final result sounds lively and dynamic. And I like that!
- Mathieu Gueros (Odds & Ends)

Igor is a very methodical and conscientious person. Before recording, we talked a lot about how we would work together, what would be the mood of the EP, the ambiance of the three songs and the sound of all the instruments. During recording, his patience and his perfectionism helped me to give the best of myself. Several times, he helped me to do the right choices and to go in the right direction. I was right to trust him with the production of this EP. I am very happy with the final results!
- Maud Octallinn / Fête Ratée EP

Working with Igor Moreno has changed a lot of things for our music. First of all, he really listens to your music first. It can sound obvious, but we were used to talk about money before anything else… Secondly, he listens to the bands who influenced your music. We actually work on our 6 tracks EP, which will be mixed and mastered by Igor. The first single has already been released , and we and our fans agree on the final result : it sounds GREAT ! A great sound engineer is someone who can take your music to the next level while maintaining your universe as an artist intact. Thank you Igor for your work, your professionalism and your advice !
- So&So What