Alen Konakoglu

Additional Info

  • Country: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Unique Notes: Protools sessions without plugins just tracks, named correctly and also consolidated wav and aiff files stereo stems without any pops ,clicks ,fades 24bit 44/48 khz
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Pop, World, Jazz, Metal, Pop (band orientated), Rock (Pop and Progressive)
  • Favorite Equipment : Currently and why my quested sr8 monitors they are incredibly flat,open and has very balanced low freqs.
  • Services: Mixing, Production, Recording, Session Drummer
  • Audio Mixing Price: US$ 180 to US$ 840


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Alen Konakoğlu is a Istanbul based recording engineer and mixer. He started his music career as a rock music drummer , playing with various prestigious Turkish artists including the famous rock band Duman. Alen decided to go further with learning production techniques and studied at the Musicians İnstitute of Sound Engineering in 1999 based in Los Angeles. During his education he gain valuable experience as an intern at Chick Corea's famous Mad Hatter Studio in 2000 and was assistant engineer for the Natalia Orero album and recording assistant for Steve Smith, Scott Handerson, Victor Wooten album VTT 2 (vital tech tones).

Returning back to Turkey Alen started to record mix and produce for various artists. in 2011 he produced/recorded and mixed ''Tuttu Fırlattı'' by 'Gökçe which achieved 23 million views on youtube and became the biggest selling number one hit song in Turkey. Alen has worked on other material for Gokce; Ne Yapardım, which reached 8 million digital listening.

His production and mixing skills have made him one of Turkey's top producers / mixers / engineers and as a drummer he is endorsed by YAMAHA drums (alenkonakoglu signature snare drum), ISTANBUL CYMBALS and REGAL TIP drum sticks.

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  • Main:
    • Lynx Aurora 16 
    • U.A.D quad dsp 
    • Digidesign Control 24 
    • SPL 2381 monitor and talk back controller
    • Yamaha hs 80m
    • Yamaha ns 10m
    • Quested sr8 
    • Avantone mix cube (passive)
    • SPL 2381 monitor and talk back controller
  • Amps cabınets
    • KEMPER Profiling Amplifier.
    • marshall 1960a cabınet
    • ampeq 4*10 cabınet
  • Outboard 
    • SSL Alpha channel .
    • SPL gold mike mic pre 
    • Golden Age Project pre 73 4 channel
    • Golden Age Project comp 54 mono compressor *2
    • Golden Age Project eq 73 mono equalizer *2
    • dbx 266 comp
  • Microphones 
    • Avantone cv12 tube microphone
    • Neumann u87
    • SE Gemini Tube Fet Condensor Microphone
    • SE X1 Condenser mic 2 piece
    • Shure sm 57 x 3
    • Audix fusion drum set pack
    • Yamaha subkick
    • AKG c415
    • AKG c93
    • Avantone cv12 tube microphone
    • Senheiser and Hosa headphones
    • Klotz and mogami cables neutrik and amfenol hardware

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • Nemrud
  • Yedinci Ev
  • Kenan Vural
  • Gokce 
  • Aydilge
  • Pul
  • Umut Kuzey
  • Aysegul Inc
  • Nedim Kuru
  • Sinan Özen 
  • Aslı Gökyokuş 
  • Başı Bozuk


Alen is the most dedicated person to his job I have ever met and believe me I met a lot. He carried my music beyond my imagination with his creative mixing skills. He has this huge advantage of being a performer musician and surely this also makes him a bright arranger and as a producer as well. I honestly would not think to work with anybody else as long as he is around.
- Kenan Vural