Cedrick Courtois

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  • Country: Hollywood, CA, USA
  • Unique Notes: Files at 24, 32 bits/ 44.1 Khz preferably but any SR will work, PT sessions, OMF's .
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Pop, Acoustic, EDM, Metal, Country
  • Favorite Equipment : My desert island pick would be my NS 10's because they have been my reference no matter what I do / where I am since day one, and my Red 3 because it makes my life easy.
  • Services: Mixing
  • Audio Mixing Price: US$300 to US$1200


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After graduating from high school, Cedrick enrolled in The University of Rennes studying Biology and Chemistry with the intent of becoming a Marine Biologist and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1994.

However his passion for music lead him to a new career path and earning an Associate's Degree in Audio Engineering at ESRA Institute in France.

After interning at various studios in Paris, he then decided to move across the pond and landed in Houston, Texas where he ended up First Engineer at Sunrise Sound Studios, working with the likes of Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, Chris Walker (Al Jarreau), Lenny Kravitz, Michelle Williams, Earshot, Scarface, Marcel Khalife, and Solange Knowles.

He then moved to Hollywood to engineer the soundtrack of the rock opera "Repo! The Genetic Opera" an eclectic and challenging project, from tracking vocals with Sarah Brightman, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head and Paris Hilton, to mixing tracks featuring Ray Luzier, Blasko, David J, Danny Lohner and Richard Patrick.

From there, Cedrick worked as a Music Editor on an independent film called 'Montana Amazon: The Adventures of the Dunderheads', featuring Olympia Dukakis, Haley Joel Osment, and Alison Brie, eventually earning him his first Re Recording Mixer credit.

You can also hear some of his Sound Design work on action sports feature films such as 'The Windsurfing Movie II' by Poor Boyz Productions, Red Bull's Formula One viral videos, Monster Energy's SuperCross commercials and Travelin' Sal 's opening theme.

His passion for music has led him to work on a broad range of genres, from Metal to Country, Gospel to Dance music, Pop to Classical.

He is known for his attention to details and won’t turn off the lights until he knows he's given the project at hand his very best.

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  • DAW:
    • ProTools 10 HD
    • HD Native card
    • Avid HD I/O
    • Avid Omni
    • UAD 2 Octo card
    • Waves, UAD, Spectrasonics, Slate Digital, Antares, Melodyne, Superior Drummer...
    • Yamaha NS 10's
    • Focal Solo 6 Be
    • KRK Rockit 5
    • Crane Song Avocet
    • SSL X-Rack / 16 input summing
    • SSL E series Eq (x1)
    • JLM Audio FC 500 (x1)
    • Chandler Ltd Little Devil Mic Pre's (x2)
    • Focusrite Red 3 (x1)
    • Neve Portico 5042 Tape Fx (x1)
    • Euphonix Artist Mix

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • Beyonce,
  • Destiny's Child,
  • Earshot,
  • The NewBlack7,
  • RedBull,
  • Chris Walker,
  • Marcel Khalife, 
  • Ludacris,
  • Scarface,
  • SoundHaus.


I have worked on a lot of studio projects with different mix engineers, Cedrick made the whole process easier than any project I have done. He has a great musical ear that took our album to the next level while keeping our vision intact. I look forward to working with him again.
- Tory Stoffregen, TheNewBlack7

Here at Mad Media - we're constantly tackling high-profile adrenalized automotive projects for big name clients. Whether it's Formula 1 racing for Red Bull, or covering 24 Hours at Daytona for Continental Tire - these projects are nationally televised properties, and the stakes are always high. When it comes to sound design and meeting the demands of these networks for deliverables, the challenge is always to make the sound as best as it can possibly be - while meeting tight deadlines. The only person we trust for that is Cedrick Courtois. Ced consistently delivers outstanding results under incredible time constraints. His design is both technically proficient, as well as creative. It is always a treat to lay his work back to picture and watch our stories come to life! I would highly recommend Cedrick for any project that requires premium, professional sound design.
- Joshua Martelli - Mad Media COO and Co-Director of Ken Block's Gymkhana 1/2/3 films

We have worked with Cedrick multiple times over the last three years, on three different projects. Both in a recording setting and on the mixing board, Cedrick is truly a master at his profession. He approaches each project he works on with intricately refined skill, personal integrity, a refreshingly creative ear and—most importantly—an open mind. Not only is he a gentlemen in the recording studio, he is a creative and technical guru on the board. His ability to bring ideas and direction, and craft sound — for a variety of musical styles — is second to none. He's able to mix something supremely heavy and hard-hitting, and yet, is able to finesse the quiet and delicate moments in a song, creating a musical "space" for the listener to breathe in. He respects the musicians while also being a perfectionist, which is an exceptional quality when working in the studio. In short, we love him!
- Ammee Pearl, Sweeteverafter

I've had the great pleasure of working with Cedric over the last 4 years. what started as 1 project, turned into several per week. Im a composer/producer with 15 years in the television world and countless more recording and producing and Cedric is my absolute GO TO!!! His ears are impeccable, he is by far the easiest mixer/engineer I have ever worked with and he is a brilliant musician. That's a great combination in my book!!! I could not give him a higher recommendation!!! His mixes are commanding, and extremely versatile. He has a very keen ear and a amazing sense of WHAT A MIX SHOULD BE!! My business will be with Cedric for years to come!!!
- Brentt James Arcement, Soundhaus Music

IBy far Cedrick has gone far and beyond my expectations!!!!! He has the ear for the perfect balance to make my songs sound excellent. Hands down would not go anywhere else for my mixing needs!
- Sandy Kay

Cedrick is a versatile mixing engineer capable of handling complex mixes and knowing when less is more. I have had the pleasure of working with him on mastering a lot of his mixes. He always does a great job in making those mixes sound modern while keeping the artistic integrity of the music.
- Maor Appelbaum - Mastering Engineer