Joe Fields

Additional Info

  • Country: London, United Kingdom
  • Unique Notes: All audio files and sample rates (44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96kHz, 192 kHz, .Wav, .Aiff, .SDII, .mp3, .FLAC, . m4a, .AAC) Pro Tools and Logic session files.
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Dance, Indie, Pop, Urban
  • Favorite Equipment : The Neve 8816 Summing Mixer, although in the box mixing does sound great the difference I noticed after the addition of the Neve Summing Mixer was astonishing and having the optional Digital I/O card made it even better. I found my mixes had more depth, definition, clarity and separation between the sounds. The built in Widener makes a huge difference it not only gives the mixes more space but makes everything sound bigger as well.
  • Services: Mixing, Mastering, Production, Engineering, Remixing, Recording
  • Audio Mixing Price: £480 - £1200


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Joe is an Engineer / Producer in his late thirties. He is from North London who studied Sound Engineering & Production Techniques at the School of Sound Recording in Manchester back in 2001. He started work at The Dairy Studios in Brixton gained experience as an Assistant Engineer working on such sessions as Duran Duran, Elbow, Doves and the So Solid Crew. After 8 months at the Dairy he got a job at Soho Recording Studios in 2002 as a full time assistant and his first job was working on Didos No. 1 album "No Angel", other session at this time included working for The Cinematic Orchestra, Fallacy and Fusion and Liberty X. After 6 months the Engineer went freelance and Joe moved up into the role of Chief Engineer in November 2002.

Since then he has engineered sessions for The Neptunes, Kano, Sway, Shystie and Akon in the urban scene, Jay Sean, Cyndi Lauper, Rachel Stevens, Lemar and Charlotte Church in the pop scene, as well working for indie / rock bands such as Placebo, Mystery Jets, Ben Harper. Joe's big break was doing additional production on the number 1 album "This is the life" by Amy Macdonald for Universal which went on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide. He was asked back to do her second album "A Curious Thing" at Paul Weller's Studio and her third album Life In a Beautiful Light which we recorded at State of the Ark Studios where Noel Gallagher recorded his solo album.

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Detailed Pricing

  • £300/day - inclusive of studio
  • Mixing: £480 < £1200
  • Song writing: £900
  • Sound Design: £600 (Day Rate)
  • Private Tuition: £65
  • Voice-Over Edits: £110 (P/Hr)
  • Remixing: £900 
  • Filming A Music Video: £600


      • Pro Tools 003 Rack interface,
      • 2 X 2.66 GHz Dual Core Intel Mac Pro with 5 GB extended memory,
      • Klark Technics Square One 8 compressor bank,
      • Avalon Vt 737sp Vacuum Tube mic pre / compressor / EQ,
      • SE Z5600a microphone,
      • Pro Tools 10,
      • Logic 9,
      • Yamaha Clavinova,
      • Yamaha CS2X synthesizer,
      • Rhodes Mark III,
      • Takemine semi acoustic,
      • Fender Stratocaster,
      • Fender Jaguar Bass

Partial list of clients and artists:

      • Sir Paul McCartney,
      • The Neptunes,
      • Kano,
      • Sway,
      • Shystie,
      • Akon,
      • Jay Sean,
      • Cyndi Lauper,
      • Rachel Stevens,
      • Lemar and Charlotte Church,
      • Placebo,
      • Mystery Jets,
      • Ben Harper,
      • Amy Macdonald,
      • Paul Weller


Joe is an engineer par excellence,he did some brilliant work on our "Punkara" album plus our latest "Signal and the Noise".We often call Joe for programming stuff too because he's so quick on the click...
- Steve Chandra Savale - Asian Dub Foundation

Joe is one of the nicest people in the business to work with. He has that rare innate quality where he can instantly make you feel like you're working on a project with one of your best friends despite having never met the guy before! Joe has become our 'go to guy' for a number of different reasons and projects which is testament to his skill set and versatility. He has engineered, edited, mixed and produced things to a consistently high standard for us no matter what the budget and isn't afraid to go the extra mile to get things right. If you want someone who's in it for the right reasons (the music) - then Joe's your man
- Will Whisson - Electric River

Joe is a true professional. I have worked with Joe on two occasions, both of which he delivered excellent results. As I am a singer-songwriter with no formal music training, Joe's ability to understand and translate my ideas and hopes for the project to a finished product is critical. I would highly recommend Joe.
- Niamh Brady