Roy Merchant

Additional Info

  • Country: London, United Kingdom
  • Unique Notes: 48K 24 bit files from bar 1.
  • Musical Genres: Dance, Electronica, Pop, HipHop, Urban
  • Favorite Equipment : Culture Vulture.... Fat, fat, fat......! Neve 2254...... Smooooooth.....!
  • Services: Mixing, Mastering, Production, Remixing
  • Audio Mixing Price: £200 - £600


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Roy started assisting in 1991 at Hot nights studios, Fulham London. Learning basic studio etiquette from Ex CBS engineer Graham Dixon and producer Grant Mitchell. After 18 months he followed the studio manager to Berwick St studios in Soho, during his time there he learnt about programming and engineering in mainly urban styles of music. In 1995 he worked for the same company in Jamaica recording and mixing two albums for their in-house label, also working with UK and US artists, producers as a commercial studio engineer. After a year there he moved the studio to NYC and worked in Mystic studios for three months before returning to the UK. In 1997 Roy started working with Home management as a freelance engineer then in 1999 became the in-house engineer at the Dairy studios in Brixton.  Now, after helping with the sales of over a million records, he is completely freelance, writing, producing and engineering with many different Artists, Producers and styles.

Equipped with a Protools HD4 system, Apogee front and back end, in a  great production room in the heart of south London, Roy can offer a service second to none. Whether its vocal production, mixing, tuning or just editing, you can be assured you’re getting the highest quality engineering values combined with nearly 20 years industry experience.

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Partial Equipment list

  • Protools HD4 - Apogee AD/DA 16x
  • Avalon 747 – bus compressor and EQ
  • Urei LA-4 X2
  • Neve 1073 DPA
  • Neve 33135 Mic pre/EQ X2
  • Neve 2254 stereo compressor 
  • Smart Research C2
  • Valley people Dynamite stereo limiter
  • Thermionic Culture Vulture
  • DBX 120 XP (sub harmonic synth)
  • Phoenix N16 Summing mixer

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • Example
  • MIA
  • Cold Cut
  • Omar MBE
  • Martina Toply Bird
  • Jay Sean
  • Wiley
  • Basement Jaxx
  • MotoBlanco
  • Plump DJs
  • So Solid


Roy was an indispensable member of the team that worked on the recording engineering and mixing of our Coldcut album "sound mirrors", his skills are top rate, a musical head, a fine set of ears, an ability to get the deepest bass sound and a cracking drum feel - combined with a solid grounding in many diverse production styles meant that our often weird and off the hook ideas never phased him.... solid.
- Jon More (Coldcut)

I've been recording in this business for 10 years using various mix engineers and studios across the UK and I can quite easily say that Roy is up there with the best. When it comes to vocal production, comping, tuning, arranging he is the best I've worked with and always gets the best performances out of me in the studio.
- Example are top r

Roy Merchant has been our best kept secret for over ten years now. We have called upon his expert services, and friendly ears for assistance on a majority of our projects since we started plump productions in 1998. If you need cutting edge technical support, unmatched engineering talent, or a full scale mix down that will make your music sing like it should, he is your man. The only problem is now the secrets out ..what are we gonna do?

I've known Roy for almost fifteen years now and i can honestly say that it’s been a pleasure to watch his talent grow, never fails to help give my music the good treatment!
- Omar MBE