Edd Hartwell

Additional Info

  • Country: London, United Kingdom
  • Unique Notes: 24bit, 44.1/48k stems, PT session files
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Indie, Pop, Acoustic, Metal, Punk, Pop (band orientated), Rock (Pop and Progressive)
  • Favorite Equipment : 1176 - try and find something it doesn't work on!!
  • Services: Mixing
  • Audio Mixing Price: £180 - £480


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As an accomplished guitarist and saxophonist, Edd played in local bands before discovering a passion for recording studios and audio engineering. Edd proved his passion early on and started working for Trevor Horn at SARM studios, London and managed to work all the way up to become 1 of 2 in-house engineers. Through his time at SARM, Edd was lucky enough to work with some of the worlds best producers and artists, and proved many times that he could hone his skills to the needs of a variety of different people and genres. 

Now freelance, Edd is a full member of The Music Producers Guild, and has racked up experience in most of London's top studios, on both mixing and tracking sessions.

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Partial Equipment list

Great plug-in's, a few secret weapons with KRK and NS10's.

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • Jamiroquai
  • The Jim Jones Revue
  • The Prodigy
  • Jamie Cullum
  • Jeff Beck
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