Chris Hamilton

Additional Info

  • Country: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Unique Notes: Pro Tools and Cubase Session Files.. 44.1 – 192kHz 24 bit
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Indie, Acoustic, Soul, World, Jazz, Funk
  • Favorite Equipment : Has to be the Trident 80b… Nice pre's, EQ's and awesome functionality. To be honest Trident - Otari MTR90 - Quested 3208b's and a perfect mixing room is the perfect combination, i class this as my one tool arsenal.
  • Services: Mixing
  • Audio Mixing Price: From $250 to $510 maximum price guide


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Chris Hamilton has over 15 years experience as an drummer, engineer and mix engineer, having worked with many genres of bands. Chris also built and sold three commercial studios before finally finding his residence and new home in a Vintage recording studio called Cotton Mouth Studios in Manchester. Dynamic, Organic, and Creative are just a few words that Chris likes to use to describe the sound that he produces. “Turning a performance into a record that keeps the energy flowing and the keeping the listener hypnotized” is important for Chris. “I to work closely with you to understanding what you want from start to finish is a key element to my approach. 100% passion goes into to making your music stand out from the rest.


  • Mixing Desk
    • TRIDENT 80B – 54 Track
    • Mackie 32:8
  • Analogue Outboard – FX & Processing
    • 3 x DRAWMER DS 201 Gate
    • 2 x DRAWMER DL421 Compressor
    • 1 x LEXICON PCM 80
    • 1 x TLA Fat 1 Stereo Compressor
    • Aural Exciter
    • 4 x Calrec PQ Eq / Pres channel strips
    • Behringer Ultra Curve
  • Tape Machine
    • 1 x MTR 90 MK II 24 Track Tape Machine with remote
  • Digital Outboard – Conversion & Control
    • 1 x LYNX AURORA 16 AD-DA
    • Motu Midi Time Piece
  • Monitoring
    • 1 Pair QUESTED VS3208
    • 1 Pair YAMAHA NS10m
    • 1 Pair ADAM A7
    • 1 Pair YAMAHA HS50
  • Instruments
    • 1 x ROLAND FP3
    • 1 x KORG MS2000
    • 1 x Patrick Eggle LA Pro Stratocaster
    • 1 x Fender Stratocaster
    • 1 x Premier Drum Kit
    • 1 x Yamaha Drum Kit
    • Proteus 2000 EMU
  • Software
    • Pro Tools HD8
    • Cubase SX5 

Partial list of clients and artists:

Baked A La Ska / John Ellis - Mix / Tracking

Northern Uproar - Producer / Mix / Tracking

Turrentine Jones - Producer / Mix / Tracking

Peter Glennie - Producer / Mix / Tracking

Lauren Housley - Mix / Tracking

May 68 / David Costen - Tracking

Janice Graham Band - Tracking

Caulberears - Producer / Mix / Tracking

SR Gents - Producer / Mix / Tracking

Dr Butlers Hat Stand Medicine Band - Tracking / Mix

Greetings Producer / Mix / Tracking

Sony - Missing Link - Tracking


The only difficulty we had was getting Chris to buy us a pint. All in all, an enjoyable few days and an end product we were all delighted with.
- Turrentine Jones

The finished product of our tunes sounded crisp with a real meaty quality to the mix. Chris was sympathetic to our style and sonically some of the best ears in Manchester” 
- Maliika

We had only a short time, and difficulties with availability but Chris did us proud. It was our first recording in this band and we cheekily pushed to get 3 tracks done. He made it easy by being supportive, relaxed and offered up some great suggestions of how we could improve things we went along. More than an engineer, Chris is a great collaborator. I’d be more than hapy to record with him again in the future!” 

Chris’s enthusiasm and ideas made him feel like part of the band, along with plenty of piss-taking and good laughs! 
- Caulberears

We're new to this recording game but if Chris Hamilton doesn't have one of the best pairs of ears in the business i'll eat my soggy ukulele. Immaculate as both producer and mixer, we saw our raggedy rock n roll whipped into record worthy shape. The equipment here is much sought after vintage magic by the truckload, not to mention a true master at the controls. It's been nothing short of a revelation finding Chris and his studio. Couldn't praise the man and environment highly enough. 
- Alex solo