Jessica Corcoran

Additional Info

  • Country: London, United Kingdom
  • Unique Notes: Pro Tools sessions and 24bit 44.1 or 48kHz audio stems
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Indie
  • Favorite Equipment : A lot of new engineers will have grown up with Pro Tools and so won’t understand why I would choose it as a favourite piece of gear, but after working with analogue tape for years (which does have some plus side) Pro Tools has really been the one thing that has made a massive difference to the studio. It has made it possible for unsigned bands to be able to afford to go in to the studio and record great sounding tracks at a price they can afford.
  • Services: Mixing
  • Audio Mixing Price: $180 to $900 maximum price guide


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Based in Tooting Bec South London, Gravity Shack Studios is home to producer/engineer Jessica Corcoran. Jessica has over 25 years experience working with live bands mainly rock and indie but also other styles within the area of live music. Jessica has been a freelance engineer for most of that time but started her own studio 6 years ago to give emerging bands without a major label budget the facilities to make great sounding records. In that time she’s worked on a diversity of projects from film music and acoustic tracks with Robyn Hitchcock, to full on indie rock with Maximo Park and many albums, singles and EP’s for unsigned bands.


    • AUDIENT ASP8024 36 channel analogue console
    • QUESTED 4x10
    • TANNOY pbm 6.5
    • SONY DAT X 1
    • Shure SM57 X 6
    • Shure BETA 58 X 2
    • Shure BETA 91 X 1
    • Shure BETA 52A X 1
    • AKG D112 X 1
    • Sennheiser 421 X 4
    • Studio Projects C4 X 4
    • Rode NT5 X 2
    • Rode NT2A X 1
    • SE Electronics Z3300A X 2
    • T Bone RB500 X 2
  • OTHER:
    • Line 6 POD XT Amp Simulator X 1
    • Line 6 POD XT Bass Modeller X 1
    • Behringer D1100 DI Box X 4
    • Beyer D100 Headphones X 8
    • Marshall 900 & 4x12
    • Mellor baby grand piano
    • Yamaha SPX990 X 1
    • Alesis Quadraverb X 1
    • Zoom Multi FX X 1
    • Roland SDE 330 X 1
    • Roland SDE 3000 + AES TRIG X 1
    • BEL BD80 X 1
    • Drawmer 201 X 1
    • DBX 902 X 3
    • DBX 160A X 1
    • Alesis 3630 X 4
    • Behringer Tube Composer X 2
    • Behringer Tube Ultra Q X 1
    • AKAI S3000 X


Partial list of clients and artists:

All About Eve, Andy Burrows, Boy George, Barry Palmer, Conjunto Sabroso, Decoration, Dead Wolf Club, Goldhawks, Junkstar, Legend In Japan, Mega City 4, Maximo Park, Neds Atomic Dustbin, Orijin, Robyn Hitchcock,   Shed 7, The Power Of Dreams, Senseless Things



"Just to say thanks for your work on our Piano Vocal album last night - you really have mixed it excellently and captured just what I was saying I wanted at the beginning of the sesh in terms of hanging it all together.  As Ewen put it to me, it has moved what was seeming like a side project or demo-y piece into a proper album which stands tall against our other output"
- Jonothan Rallings – The Assorted Family Circle.