Jordan Tishler

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  • Country: Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Unique Notes: Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools Sessions or 24bit 44.1 or 48kHz audio stems
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Dance, R&B, Indie, Alternative, Classical, Electronica, Pop, HipHop, Acoustic, Soul, World, Jazz, Funk
  • Favorite Equipment : I love the gear that lets me do the best job possible. For that reason, I'd rank my favorites: my ears, my room, and my SSL console. My ears are irreplaceable, my room, designed by George Augsburger, allows me to really hear what's going on in a way that no non-professionally designed room could ever do, and my console imparts a sonic signature that turns audio into music!
  • Services: Mixing, Mastering, Production
  • Audio Mixing Price: $320 - $780
  • Audio Mastering Price: $78/h
  • Audio Editing Price: $78/h
  • Audio Production Price: talk to us for a price


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Jordan Tishler has been involved in the music industry as producer, mixer, and artist manager for, well, a really long time (over 20 years). A classically trained musician, Jordan devotes himself to popular music and brings a well honed sophistication to his work. He is also a songwriter with numerous credits in recorded music and sound for film, and a mix engineer with years of experience.

All this experience allows Jordan to bring out the best in performers and capture this in every recording. His years in the music scene have garnered Jordan many friends within the industry; these are crucial contacts for artists.

Currently, Jordan mixes and produces music, and manages several national acts. He is also former Chairman of the New England Section of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and active in the Recording Academy.

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  • Console:
    • Solid State Logic (SSL) Matrix 40 channel SuperAnalogue mixer with automation and DAW control
  • Conversion:
    • Solid State Logic (SSL) AlphaLink 24/96 (2) Super high resolution 48 channels A/D/A conversion
    • M-Audio Profire Lightbridge 32 channel interface
    • Lucid GenX 96 Word Clock
  • Mic Pres:
    • API 7600 (4)
    • Great River (2)
    • Avalon VT 737 SP (2)
    • Summit MPC-100A (2)
    • TL Audio C1 stereo tube compressor/mic pre
  • Outboard:
    • Solid State Logic (SSL) 5.1 SuperAnalogue Compressor
    • Solid State Logic (SSL) XR618 SuperAnaloque Compressor (8)
    • Solid State Logic (SSL) XR425 E-Series Black/Brown EQ (4)
    • Solid State Logic (SSL) XR418 E-Series Compressor (4)
    • API 7600 (4)
    • Avalon VT 737 SP (2)
    • Summit MPC-100A (2)
    • Great River Harrison EQ32 (5)
    • Chandler LTD Lil Devil EQ (2)
    • Chandler LTD Lil Devil Compressor (1)
    • UREI LA-4 (2)
    • UREI LA-2A
    • TL Audio C1 stereo tube compressor/mic pre
  • Audio Monitors:
    • Quested H208 Audio monitors w/ Quested power amp and Genelec 7060 subwoofer
    • Avantone Mixcubes w/ Hafler P1500 power amp
  • DAW:
    •  Avid ProTools 10 with CPTK2
    •  Apple Logic 9
  • Plugins:
    • Waves Platinum Bundle
    • Waves SSL 4000 Bundle
    • Universal Audio UAD-2 (Quad)
    • Celemony Melodyne
    • Synchroarts VocAlign
    • Izotope Ozone 5 Adv, Trash, Spectron, RX2 Adv
    • SoundToys Bundle
    • URS Saturation
    • Antares Autotune
    • Native Instruments Guitar Combos
    • PSP Audio Vintage Warmer 2, Lexicon PSP42 delay, M608 multi-delay
    • Drumagog 5
  • Virtual Instruments:
    • Native Instruments Komplete
    • Toontracks Superior 2.0
    • Submersible Audio DrumCore 3
    • Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Trillian
    • AMG Kick Ass Brass
    • Garritan Personal Orchestra
    • GForce M-Tron Pro

Partial list of clients and artists:

  • Britney Spears
  • Kevin Lyttle
  • The Bloody Angle
  • Richy Peña
  • Silent Century
  • The Motion Sick
  • Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
  • Elan Trotman
  • Vishno



Digital Bear Entertainment is making my songs sound cool! Thank you! I am blown away by the magical world of mixing you run, Jordan Tishler.
- Georgia English

No Jordan, no album. He's a Medici-level patron of this artist's world.
- James O'Brien

Got a copy of the CD and I gotta say - I'm impressed. You did a great job of accomplishing your main goal of pushing his songs into accessible territory without losing his artistic edginess. The songs are all catchy and memorable and poignant. But beyond that, the production is really interesting and creative - the bass sounds are stellar (especially on Anthrax, I love a deep, boomy rumble where you can still hear the notes clearly), and the guitars sound appropriately big and present. I LOVE the use of organ on several of the tracks, it adds an awesome layer of sound that fills in the space and really glues the guitars together. The drums kind of remind me of the way David Bowie's drums sound on Ziggy Stardust - crisp and forward (some neat panning too on the fills too).
- Adam Nelson, Wave Distribution, NYC

It's a powerful record, Jordan. The choices you've made are good ones; great ones actually. I think you're a very talented producer...
- Gooselove