Philipp Zumbrunnen

Additional Info

  • Country: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Unique Notes: Pro Tools sessions and 24bit 44.1 or 48kHz audio stems (aiff,wav)
  • Musical Genres: Rock, Dance, R&B, Indie, Alternative, Classical, Electronica, Pop, HipHop, Acoustic, Soul, World, Jazz, Funk
  • Favorite Equipment : Pro Tools HD, I can be really fast with editing and mixing on this powerful tool
  • Services: Mixing
  • Audio Mixing Price: From 240€ to 600€ maximum price guide


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Philipp Zumbrunnen as a Swiss based producer, recording and mixing engineer, fell in love with music when he was about 10 with his first records being the Beatles, Yes and Pink Floyd. Even at this age Philipp's enjoyed cutting out pieces of the songs of the time to get a complete 45 minute remix using his first analog double deck. That‘s how the rise began in the middle of 1980‘s.

He was a founding member and guitarist of the crossover band “Crowd“ in the late 1980's and the "The Figaros", performing until the late 90's.

After his graduating in audio engineering at SAE Zurich in 2001, he practiced his skills in several media and PA companies until starting his own business freelance and producing. Philipp he has work with a huge amount of musicians, artists over the years throughout Europe, both recording and live mixing.

As a producer – engineer, he has dedicated himself to Blues and Rock production and released several productions, not only on iTunes and amazon but also for several famous labels.

As a specialist ofProtools, Logic Pro and Waves he produces not only for bands but also for several media companies in Europe including radio, and has mixed movies such as the German versions of Bollywood films such as "Dor“ and "CheeniKum“.


  • Pro Tools HD System with PT 8
  • Waves Mercury TDM with the SSL Bundle
  • Dynaudio Monitors BM15a with the BM14s subwoofer

Partial list of clients and artists

  • Booze,
  • Beatnik,
  • Marcel Aegerter,
  • Soul Jam,
  • Snippets,
  • Triofalsa,
  • Motor On,
  • Monkey Palace Orchestra,
  • Refuel,
  • Pink Sugar,
  • Crossover Blues Band,
  • Knut and Tucek,
  • Phase 7,
  • Phraseland,
  • Sparkling,
  • Bluescream,
  • Magician Alex Porter,
  • EkkehardBlomeyer,
  • EddaSchnittgart,
  • Evi& das Tier,
  • Alex Conti,
  • Raoul Walton from Anyones Daughter,
  • Mr. Switzerland candidate Silvan Salzmann,
  • Morrigu,
  • Andorphin,
  • Christian Antonius Mueller and many others.